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IT Service Management

The Digital World has disrupted traditional business models through the use of mobile devices and persistent online connectivity.  This is promoting collaboration between individuals, teams and organizations in operating and executing the business.  IT services like Software as a Service, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Workflow Automation, Analytics based Decision Making and Process Automation can be a lot for an organization to digest and adopt, without strategic and operational guidance. 

In addition adopting these services requires ensuring business continuity, governance of these services, translating business needs into IT services, increasing needs for IT security and controls and planning for these investments.  This allows IT to make decisions that positively affect EBITDA and contribute to the success of the business.

IT Service Management is the framework that Milan Consulting and its network of partners use to transform the IT organization to one that is focused on proactive management of operations, ensuring predictable service levels, defining the value proposition of IT and enabling IT to have the requisite controls but yet be agile and flexible. 

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