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Milan Consulting is at Your Service

We help organizations remove obstacles that limit productivity and growth

The word Milan in Sanskrit means unification, union or coming together; in the Slavic languages it means tactful and gracious.  Milan, Italy is the center of fashion and creative design. 


Milan Consulting is the embodiment of all these concepts namely coming together of the business world and digital world through a visionary interplay of design, technology and process.


We accomplish this through enabling the workforce, improving organizational capability and upgrading technology.

Our Focus

  • Milan Consulting is a Business Transformation and Digital Process Improvement consulting organization, focused on businesses with sales of $50M and above in the Midwest. 


  • Milan Consulting acts as a neutral facilitator and change manager in situations where process, organizational and system changes are necessary, driven by growth, expansion, competitive positioning, cost containment or innovation. 


  • Milan Consulting Specializes in Business Transformation in the Digital World.

Our Values

We believe that during times of change, transition or transformation, it is essential to have a seasoned non-partisan organization be the catalyst to enable the achievement of the desired state. 


We, as change agents, have been part of changes and have also enabled changes in this non-partisan capacity in various industry and service segments. 


We understand the impact of change at all levels of an organization and the different ways in which they need to be managed.  Especially since transformations and improvements have cascading effects on up-stream and down-stream processes, systems and organizational functions. 


We believe in a holistic approach where People, Process and Systems are simultaneously assessed and managed during the transition period.


We believe that the custodians of the organization's  processes, systems and functions need to be within the organization and that the role of the consultant is to provide interim leadership, facilitate the process and system changes.


We believe that sustainable change and transformation can be achieved only when key people in the organization can learn, adapt, accept and own the change. 

Our Value to You

We provide the transformation services with the equality and expertise of a Big-5 consulting firm, at an affordable cost and with personalized service. 


The services provided are focused on enabling business success in the digital world, by breaking down the limitations in operations, execution, technology and planning. 


This is accomplished through a collaborative engagement that enables the leadership team to create and execute a vision, road-map and associated milestones for the business, in the digital world. 

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